The registration for the competition is now CLOSED. Please email me with your progress/completed pics if you like them featured at Cheryl’s Bouquet Gallery.

Dear Stitching Friends,

I had a lightbulb moment the last couple of days (not many of those happen these days!), many ideas were racing around my head. So I’ve gathered the necessary, legal hoopla and here I am issuing a COMPETITION!!

Marc Davis of Needlemania and Diane Jourdan of Sampler Cove Designs have so kindly given permission to my little competition and this is what Marc has to say:

“A Bouquet for Cheryl” was a collaboration between myself, Marc Davis, and Diane Jourdan and we both agree that this “competition” as described by Barbara of Sanquine Store is a worthwhile endeavor to honor Cheryl Miller and to promote Carrie’s Threads AND do give our permission to use “Bouquet for Cheryl” chart. The Chart maybe be obtained at and/or . Diane and I wish all stitchers participating in this competition the best of luck.

Thank you Marc, thank you Diane.

Here’s how you go about it:

1. Purchase 5 8yd/skeins or 3 40yd/skein of Carrie’s Thread (any colour) from Sanguine Store. This is calculated for 14ct/28ct fabric, with 2/1 thread(s) in the needle. If the requirement was 4 skeins of DMC (at 8M per skein) then 5 8 yd/skein or 3 40/yd skein should be ample. I did some math πŸ˜‰ If you’re using a higher count fabric you’ll most likely need less skeins.

2. Download the charts in PDF format from:

3. Stitch ‘Bouquet for Cheryl’ with or without the borders by 31st December 2007. That’s a good 6 months.

4. Email me with the picture of the completed piece. It does not have to be framed or finish-finished.

5. I will reimburse you with the exact quantity of skeins you purchased to use for ‘Bouquet for Cheryl’ project. You choose the colours you want reimbursed from my stock-card or if you don’t mind waiting some, I’ll order the threads along with my next order at that time. The skeins will be mailed, registered at NO cost to you.

6. This competition is opened to all residents of Malaysia and Singapore only.

7. The last date of entry for this competition is 31st May 2007. Of which I will make my order to Carrie on 1st June 2007. The threads will arrive in 2-3 weeks times.

That’s it. Pretty easy! πŸ™‚ Please email me if you’re uncertain and have more questions.


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